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Cooking Tips – Honey

If you enjoy the flavour of honey and want a snack food that is healthy, this recipe for Honey and Oat Cookies, (Biscuits in Australia), may fit the bill. Or perhaps Quinoa Salad with its Honey and Lemon dressing is more your preference. Measuring honey leaves for one sticky clean up. Is there an easier way?


Measuring Honey or Syrup

To prevent a sticky measuring cup or spoon when cooking with honey, oil the measuring cup with a thin smear of cooking oil and rinse in hot water before using.

You won’t be left with a sticky cup or measuring spoon to wash!

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13 thoughts on “Cooking Tips – Honey”

    1. Anything that makes cleaning up or washing up dishes and utensils easier is worthwhile. Happy Christmas to you and your family, Ineke. Enjoy some beautiful memories with your grandchildren. Barnebørn in Danish/Norwegian. What is the Afrikaan word for grandchildren?


      1. Yes, can’t believe 29 Dec she is turning 5. I have not forgotten you when it comes to my writing. I made an Anthology with my years short stories from my writing sessions on Fridays. I’ll send you a copy as soon as the post is less busy after the Christmas rush.

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