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Friendly Friday Challenge – Morning Rituals on the Beach

Although I may be in the minority, I have to say that I love getting up in the mornings. No, I am not masochistic. I live by the sea and the mornings there are so joyous, it makes me want to get up early just to see the very best of the day.

Furthermore, I am now retired so I don’t need to be functioning all day, but can take it at an easier slower pace. To which, I am rapidly becoming accustomed. And, I love it.

The mornings are no time to sit and drink a hot cuppa. It is time to move – after sleeping all night.

I like to take a walk, after a morning routine of Yoga exercises, right on the beach if possible.

As you get older and more sedentary, the joints and muscles stiffen up and it is so vital that we keep them functioning for as long as possible. What good is it living to a ripe old age if you can’t enjoy it? Right?

Yoga Sun salutations are best performed facing east. Because that is where you will see the sunrise, of course.

Even better if you can do it on the beach.

A walk with the dog is next on the agenda.

Right on the beach if possible.

See what you are missing all you people who like a sleep in?

Linking to Sandy’s theme for Friendly Friday. I will be back at my main blog, StPA, next week with a new theme. You are welcome to join in with the Friendly Friday Challenge anytime.

See you then.


What is a Mudra?

Kalesvara Mudra: For peace of mind, calming the mind and strengthening of memory – for treatment of tension, worry, anxiety and stress.

A quick and basic form of meditation is a simple way to ease the mind.

This can be practised at home, parked in your car or anytime when you can find a spare 15- 45 minutes. It can be used to relax and refresh the mind and spirit.

As an additional benefit, choose the meditation and accompanying hand posture in order to benefit a particular part or physiological process in the body.

Following the specific breathing technique for maximum benefit.

Daily Mudras is a free app with a timer to remind you when time is up. (Just in case you fall asleep).

Sit in a constant chair, on a floor mat or even lying in bed.

Choose your meditation music and desired time frame. (Select between 15 and 45 minutes).

Assume the suggested hand postures and press start.