What is a Mudra?

Kalesvara Mudra: For peace of mind, calming the mind and strengthening of memory – for treatment of tension, worry, anxiety and stress.

A quick and basic form of meditation is a simple way to ease the mind.

This can be practised at home, parked in your car or anytime when you can find a spare 15- 45 minutes. It can be used to relax and refresh the mind and spirit.

As an additional benefit, choose the meditation and accompanying hand posture in order to benefit a particular part or physiological process in the body.

Following the specific breathing technique for maximum benefit.

Daily Mudras is a free app with a timer to remind you when time is up. (Just in case you fall asleep).

Sit in a constant chair, on a floor mat or even lying in bed.

Choose your meditation music and desired time frame. (Select between 15 and 45 minutes).

Assume the suggested hand postures and press start.