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New Year New You Challenge

I am still plodding through the daily challenge of the New year, New You Challenge.

Day 13

Day 13 – Cross something off your to do list – Check – done.

And of course, the task I chose was something I had to do around the house

But also,

I had time to scribble in a sketch or two – of my new project which is a compilation of traditional designs.

I also disposed of some items around the house to the charity bin and compiled a menu plan. Furthermore, I researched worm farms for the backyard.

Have you ever had a worm farm?

The soil at the Home by the Sea is challenging – saline acidic clay – so compost is an essential tool in helping the garden develop a good root system.

I was inspired to purchase a worm farm by a friend and whilst researching that topic, discovered the wonderful thing that is Ronni Kahn’s Oz Harvest Food bank. Helping redistribute food to the needy that would normally be wasted. Great news for the planet and for humanity.

She is an inspirational women and an absolute testament to finding one’s purpose in life and getting out there and doing it. Well done, Ronni. I think you must have secured another volunteer for your ranks next year.

Day 14

This day is very easy to complete – Get 7 -8 hours of sleep.

I had a long luxurious sleep last night – going to bed early meant I could lie in a little, this morning. However, I am not a fan of lying in – at all…..

The mind gets bored and starts thinking a little too much, so enough lying in bed.

There is a life to be lived!

More tomorrow.