Loving Kindness

We really don’t need the frills and follies.

Spreading loving kindness is the only daily ritual and practice I need.

Kindness is life-changing and much more satisfying to the soul, than any material object can impart.

11 thoughts on “Loving Kindness”

  1. In Canada, all business are in lockdown except for essential services like health care providers and food/grocery suppliers. Grocery store workers are at the forefront of the public and many times, they bear the brunt of people’s frustration and anger. Very early on, the CEO of one of the largest grocery chains in Canada started writing a an open letter every week, stating what his company is doing to ensure food supply, serve his customers and keep them and his employees safe. It’s a gracious and caring letter which always ends with “Be Kind.”

    It’s a lovely and simple sentiment that makes a world of difference to those who practise it and are touched by it.

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    1. Life is as simple and as complicated as that: “Be Kind!”
      I like the sounds of the Grocer CEO’s letter. I don’t think it would have been possible for it to gain any kind of news traction if Covid hadn’t been a thing. Fantastic initiative. It doesn’t take too much time, and not much money, but it can make a big difference to folks empathy for one another.


      1. In times of crisis, true leadership becomes apparent. I Iook at the actions of some of the world leaders and want to weep. On the other hand, I’ve been pleasantly surprised too. My buck-a-beer premier turns out to be a level headed, pragmatic and sensible leader who turned off the rhetoric and rolled up his sleeves to do what needed to be done. Eg we had a dire shortage of PPE for hospitals, he heard about a supply which couldnt be delivered so he tòok his pick-up truck and went to get it and deliver it.himself. No fanfare. No bragging. No press.. lf it was a publicity stunt, it was the most under reported stunt Ive ever seen.

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