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Blogger Meet Ups

amanda Lorelle
Blogger friends meet – the Lovely Lorelle

What have you learnt from blogging?

Someone asked me this question several years ago on my blog, Something to Ponder About.

This was my answer:

There are more similarities between people from diverse cultures than there are differences. We can learn so much from each other if we keep an open mind.

Amanda Mac – Forestwood

Benefits of Writing a Blog

One of the best things about blogging is that it is not limited by geographical boundaries.

Unless you are new to The Home by the Sea , or my primary blog, S.t.P.A, you’ll more than likely know that I live down ‘under,’ at the ‘bottom end’ of the world. Down here in Australia, we can sometimes feel the tyranny of distance isolating us, from the rest of the world and a different time zone doesn’t help to foster good communications, at all.

Yet, the blogger community with its members spread across the globe, are a wonderfully diverse group. As an Australian blogging offers me the chance to expand my perspective, to hear and share different opinions and thoughts, that I’d otherwise not have been exposed to, and to feel the rest of the world is just that little bit closer, all without leaving my desk.

Yet it is still a virtual world, isn’t it?

Meeting other Bloggers

Exchanging Ideas with Ineke

Thus, when an opportunity arises to meet another blogger, I am pretty keen. Previously, I had met Ineke when travelling in New Zealand, and both of us were surprised to find that, although we originated from different backgrounds, the connection we felt towards each other was surprisingly strong. A similar meeting with Lorelle, in Melbourne, confirmed blogger friends are often on a very similar wavelength.

But did I know Catherine from Cyranny’s Cove, well enough for us to click? I knew little of her life in Canada, even though I had followed her blog for some time. Cyranny was coming all this way to Australia and visiting Brisbane, so I was super keen not to miss the opportunity to chat i.r.l. to another blogger and furthermore, to someone who loves Denmark, as much as I do. In fact, that is how I discovered Cyranny’s blog – browsing the wordpress reader for posts on Denmark, (as I sometimes do)!

garden flowers

Cyranny’s time here was short, and we were hampered in communications by Australia’s unfortunately medieval internet networks, so it wasn’t so easy to find time to meet. Especially since I have recently moved some 30 km away from the city, to the Home by the Sea, but eventually we settled on a time and date and met for breakfast in the city.

old boats

This year, Australia has experienced an extremely hot summer and with the fallout from the recent natural disasters of bushfire and floods, I was relieved to hear Cyranny and her partner tell me they had been lucky enough not to have their travel plans disrupted and had in fact, reached the chosen destinations without major hiccups, even experiencing some “up close and personal,” encounters with our unique wildlife that some Australians have not yet had for themselves. That was fun to hear.

Friends Across the Waves

Meeting Cyranny ended up feeling like I was having coffee with an old friend – the conversation was easy and comfortable and we settled down to enjoy breakfast, with the added bonus of a nice outlook over the Brisbane River.

river view

Although our writing allows us to enjoy interacting with a completely different blogger set, we do share similar enjoyment in keeping our blog, and I found it so very interesting hearing her thoughts on Australia and the fun things they both had experienced, along the way.

Brisbane’s Sights and Attractions


As it is February in Brisbane, the year’s absolute worst month for heat and humidity, we then took a very warm, but pleasant walk along the riverside walkways and through the city’s Botanic gardens.

With the humidity rising rapidly, seeking out the shady colonnades of flowering Bougainvillea vines, at South Bank, seemed like a sensible idea.


I dutifully highlighted various points of interest, along the way: including the State Parliament building, a remnant of French Renaissance sophistication in the antipodes, the two Universities, the famous “City Beach”, and more importantly on a hot summer day, the New Zealand Ice Cream stand, with the totally awesome and weirdly named Hokey Pokey,’ Ice Cream flavour. If you haven’t yet discovered Hokey Pokey, you are really missing something!

Hokey Pokey
Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Being the local, I also suggested they might like to consider a ride on the City Cats, (Public Catamarans Boats), that traverse the river that night, in order to visit Eat Street – an open air eatery upriver, at Hamilton. Eat Street comprises 180 or more stalls, all serving multi-national cuisine from modified ex-shipping containers. Along with music and twinkling lights, it is a unique experience for dinner on a hot summer night, in Brisbane and I thought might be fun for my Canadian friends.

They were also keen to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – somewhat of a mandatory obligation when you visit Brisbane, as it is one of the few places operating since 1927, where tourists can get to hold a koala and hang out with the kangaroos and wallabies. I don’t want to divulge too much more about that, as Cyranny will no doubt tell you more when she arrives back home.

I was a little sad to wave goodbye so soon to Cyranny and her partner, but they had a date, to keep, with a koala. I wish them safe travels back to their home. I do hope they know they are welcome at our Home by the Sea.

Have you met any other blogging friends? How was your experience? Did you find many commonalities?

27 thoughts on “Blogger Meet Ups”

  1. What a heartwarming post ! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely bloggers. The first, Susan, a lawyer in New York City whose blog I’d been following ahead of my first visit to the city. She suggested a meet-up and we spent a memorable afternoon and evening touring Brooklyn with her and then eating at one of her favourite neighbourhood restaurants. My next meet-up was with Suvi, a Finnish blogger as we’d followed each other’s blogs for quite sometime and I spend quite a lot of time in Finland. She actually lived quite near where we were staying so collected me one evening and we had a meal together at a beachside restaurant. After being with her for ten minutes it felt as if we had known each other for years, we got on so well. Consequently, the following year we arranged to spend an entire day together which was fun. I’ve not met anyone visiting the UK yet but hopefully this will happen in December when another Aussie blogging friend from Canberra is coming over. Hopefully, we’ll have an opportunity to meet up too one day Amanda as that would be so nice! Marion


  2. I think most of us bloggers in this WP community really must be on the same wave length! Fun that you managed to meet up with a few, especially Lorelle who I follow 😊 I’ve met up with the same Suvi Marion mentioned and a NZ blogger who lived here for a year and very briefly with Véro! (5 minutes!!) And a twin mum who doesn’t blog anymore but we’ve met up a few times with the kids and also without!

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    1. I think that must be right, or else the folks who don’t sync don’t write or speak about it! But really, a blogger friendship starts with words and if that conversation doesn’s align, you probably won’t read or follow that blog, so it makes sense that we are already have way to friendship once we have had a few conversations over wordpress. Even if it is only 5 minutes! Lorelle is just lovely in person, and very inspirational as a blogger! I hope you get to meet! I am sure you me and Suvi will meet one day! ❤

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  3. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lyn in Brisbane when we were there in August last year. Plus, I met up with Aurundhati in New York in December. In both instances, it was like meeting up with old friends who have plenty in common.

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  4. Nice to know how blogging platform enable people to share ideas, thoughts and culminate in real meets. In fact, I’m also in the same pursuit. Hoping to meet bloggers in this year.


  5. Oh I definitely agree Amanda. I think the very best part of our blogging journey is the connections we make both local and global. I’m so grateful for having that opportunity to catch up with you that morning here in Melbourne and I hope one day soon we will have the same opportunity once again.
    Have a great week. Xx

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  6. I met three bloggers and they were just as wonderful as they come across online. I’m all in favour of feeling people online. After all, I met amore this way too. 🙂 I’m so glad for your nice experiences. To many more! And to your tour of Europe! Flavia (one of the three bloggers I met) and I are (not completely) joking that we will have a bloggers’ meet-up in Italy on April 24th 2021. Plan accordingly. 😉

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  7. Meeting you was a pleasant surprise. We have many ideas and “hobbies” we can relate to. Best of all was that it felt as if we were friends forever. I would love to meet up with all my Afrikaans friends one day. Don’t think it is possible but maybe.

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    1. The wonders of writing a few words that leads to a lasting friendship never ceases to amaze me. You are a gentle, kind and sweet person I am so glad to have met irl. And I think my oldest blogger friend!! I do hope you get to meet some more of your Afrikaans friend.


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