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Functional Sketching

Hi I’ve always had a yearning to sketch.

As a young child, at times in my teens, and now in semi retirement, I find great joy in sketching. Sketching doesn’t have to be perfect.

Sketching is almost a semi conscious activity. I let the pencil, or pen, do the work and don’t think too much about what I am doing.

In that way I find it is relaxing and therapeutic.

Sometimes it works ans sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter.

I’ve been making some sketches with a view to decorating a few basic Calico shopping bags.

Re-useable bags are going to be around from now on and they’re a great way to reduce our use of plastics.

I added a little colour to one of them as a gift to a neighbour. Asking her what her favorite colour was and then adding a little dry brushed/watercoloured style gouache, here and there.

I then heat set it with a hot iron.

What do you think?

From the Home by the sea.