The Slab is Down!

So this week things started moving on our new little Home by the Sea.

From this:-

To this: –

The Concreting team have been and gone. The Slab was laid last week, and by 3 pm that same day, we were walking on what would soon be our new floor. Woo hoo!

Amazing what quick dry concrete can do.

And this is what is underneath the concrete – Polystyrene Waffle pods.

Our block is all fill. The concrete needs to be able to shift a little when the fill settles, otherwise the slab and walls will crack. Hence we will be living on top of polystyrene.

Ah the wonders of modern engineering. Who would have thought polystyrene, something you can crush with your hands, would hold up a double storey house?

Then we noticed the bricks they had delivered! They looked wrong.

This is the sample we ordered: –

Austral Bricks – Wilderness Blackbutt.

A new range of coloured bricks.

This is what was delivered to our site. A bit different?

Should we question them about it?

We did.

Tim, our Site supervisor followed it up for us, and yes they delivered the wrong brick.

After all the time we took to decide on the right brick for our new home, even checking the sample colours in natural light and on demonstration websites, imagine if we hadn’t of asked for clarification.

We would have ended up with a house that looked very different from what we planned.

Austral bricks will remove the brick and deliver the correct one this week.

Phew! Another lucky break. We noticed it before they were installed!

Did I tell you it is my lucky year! I firmly believe so.

The frame goes up next week!


We have the Go Ahead

Approval is here

Something to Ponder About

We have been waiting for the local authorities to approve the building of our retirement home by the sea.

We didn’t want to have any issues with the approvals. So:-

We researched, we planned. We read. We asked Questions.

Plans were drawn. Colour selections made.

After changing my mind a hundred times adding and deleting – we had our final plans ready for submission to the local Authority.

And we waited.


Did we get approval to go -ahead?

No, Not at first.

  • The steel design had to be altered slightly. This resulted in one bedroom ( a spare one), being reduced by 15 mm.
  • The Developers wanted the fence posts to be thicker and heavier. After all, we have a secondary lane frontage and heaven forbid someone not have a matching fence post!
  • The worst part – we had to re-site the whole house – moving it towards one boundary…

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January 2019

  • Settlement on Block of Land
  • House Design Selected, Sited on Block and Preliminary Tender signed
  • Visits to Design Studio to begin selecting lighting/fixtures/styles/tiles

February 2019

  • Colour Selections Day and Plan Meeting
  • Electrical Plan
  • Illegal dumping of excess turf on block

March 2019

  • Finalisation of Preliminary Plans
  • Changes to Doors and Locks in Laundry, Plasterboard cut out in Study
  • Deletion of separate Tower unit in Kitchen
  • Extension of Kitchen bench and Upgrade of Ceasarstone benchtops
  • Microwave space in Kitchen island bench and Pot Drawers Added
  • Cavity slider moved in Bathroom
  • Pendant light added to Lounge
  • Addition of extending laundry tap
  • Colour Presentation by Dulux

April 2019

  • Construction Plans, Specifications and HIA Contract signed
  • Submitted to Developer Certifiers for Covenant approval
  • Submitted to Council for Approval
  • Shopping for Furniture
  • Neighbours house begins construction

May 2019

  • Contract Variation due to Balustrade Aqua Vista Glass (Subcontractor) pulling out of Contractual Obligation and Agreed Quote
  • 9th May – Contract Variation Signed off to conform to Adjusted Steel Design, Builder supplied Balustrade and Covenant Fencing Requirements (150 x150 posts)
Site Scrape
  • 9th May – Site Scrape and Level to Block and damage to Fence noted
  • 14th May – Council refused Relaxation but suggested compromise. House siting plans must be redrawn and moved eastwards 350mm. Result – cost blowout of another $1000. It must also be approved of by the developer.
  • 17th May – Re-submission to Council and Developer
  • Lounge suite purchased
  • Bedside cabinets and Recliner purchased as Furniture shop closing down after orders submitted.
  • 21st May – Final Council Approvals Received from Suncoast Building Approval. Clearly Council has outsourced this process.
  • 22nd May – Base stage payment effected.
  • 24th May Breakfast bar stools snapped up by the MOTH.
  • Bricks arrive on block. Temporary fencing erected.

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019