We have the Go Ahead

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5 thoughts on “We have the Go Ahead”

  1. It’s a traumatic experience, but will be so worthwhile to get what you want at the end Amanda. We’ve only built once, and went ok, but it was a long time ago. There’s a lot more red tape now I believe. Has the expected completion date come forward?


    1. Not yet, Chris. But the site supervisor has given us an idea. The company states 24 week build for a double storey home, but he feels they are usually done by 18 weeks. Earlier if it is a corner block as they can move quicker, due to unrestricted access in delivering bits and pieces along the way. I am working on November at the moment, but it is not definite. Have you plans to travel again at Christmas time?


  2. No, we haven’t been given a date yet. Having said that, the builders are duly bound to finish the build in 24 weeks, otherwise they have to pay us a penalty. I think with a double storey build, that is being rendered, we have to give them an extra month in lieu of that. So by Christmas we will be in the new house! At the moment, the building industry has slackened so that I hear that houses in the area are being completed well ahead of schedule, even up to 2 months. I am not in any rush though, as my kids have to find their own place, (their choice) and I would rather err on giving them more time, rather than less. Good to know that your experience worked out well. We have so far managed to solve most of the problems quickly – except for the dude who was going to complete the glass balustrade. He wasn’t nice to deal to with you.


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