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The delays in getting our keys to the Little Home by the Sea have been somewhat frustrating, but we can see that things are still happening.

The fencing crew are hard at work. We need to add a retaining wall behind the fence to elevate the ground level.

Otherwise the slope will be too steep.

Then we will be home.

I can’t wait now. It is exciting.

34 thoughts on “Landscaping”

    1. I have had someone else say exactly the same thing to me last week. I will definitely keep this good advice on mind. I can see there is some tension already!!! I wonder why moving is so stressful to us. Is it all the stimulation? Overload of demands?

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      1. I think we push ourselves and each other too hard to “get it done”. When we should be playing in the stuff as we unpack and appreciate it’s existence for a moment before placing it in it’s new home. It’s traumatic in every way and breathing through it is best. Enjoy all the moments.

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      2. That is so true, Marlene. I knew you would have a pearl of wisdom to share. We should be playing with it and re-living its individual memories the item brings as we unpack. Deep breathing is what I shall concentrate on. How many times have you moved? Can you count them all? A quick head check for my life would only be 14th move in my entire lifetime. And the second in 35 years. But you knew that last bit already.

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      3. I can count 35 moves that I remember. Some I don’t because I was quite young. I don’t think there will be any more addresses.
        When I release an item to the thrift store or some other charity, I thank it for it’s service to me and wish it a great new life. I couldn’t believe how quickly some of the fabric I donated got snapped up by people ready to put it to good use. That made my heart happy. Enjoy the journey. Hugs and keep breathing. 😉

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      4. 35moves! That is a lot of packing!!
        It must be heartening to know that your fabric donations are highly sought after and will be refashioned again. I like that thought about my donations too. You know, you are beginning to sound like an American version of Marie Kondo! Lol! Not a bad thing – thanking the item for its service.
        I will keep on breathing! You too!

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      5. It is funny you mention energy, I was just reading about the energy one puts out with our individual mood. You can’t see it, but boy do we feel it, especially a negative mood.

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      1. Now that the house is complete, I will be pottering for a while setting things up the way I like them in my craft room etc. Once that is done, I will start painting. But I can’t begin to think about that when the weather is hot. In a year or so, when I retire, I am planning on becoming involved in the community – mainly for the Koala rescue organization. As most of the world suspects, koalas are headed towards extinction.

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      2. I found when I think I don’t have anything to write, I start writing and am surprised at how much was waiting for me to start.
        Sit down and write, either by hand or on the computer and see what happens.

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