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Chiaro What?

The term chiaroscuro stems from the Italian words chiaro (“clear” or “bright”) and oscuro (“obscure” or “dark”), and refers to the arrangement of light and shade. Chiaroscuro, uses a single light source—such as a lit candle or an open window—to dramatically brighten figures against a dark background. This emphasis on tonal contrast employs intense contrasts of light and dark.

I think this photo employs the Chiaroscuro effect.

Study of a Gooseberry

Firsts are always special. This was the very first fruit from my garden.

The Gooseberry plant reminds me of being a child and playing in my Grandmother’s garden, where Gooseberries like this grew wild. The paper cases are a delight to pull apart even when you all grown up.

Inside you’ll enjoy a slightly tart berry, just bursting with flavour. A superfood with lots of goodness as a bonus.

Reversing the ‘chiariscuro’ effect so that the background is light and foreground darker, can produce interesting results, especially at sunrise.

Welcoming the dawn