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Lemon Cake

This is a recipe published by the Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine some years back. In my and my family’s opinion, this is one of the best lemon cake recipes around. Perfect to have with a cuppa. Australian Women’s Weekly Lemon Cake Recipe Ingredients: 125g butter, softened 1 tablespoon finely grated lemon rind 1 cup (220g)… Continue reading Lemon Cake


Chocolate Cake with Zucchini Squash

At the Home by the Sea, I am always looking to incorporate more vegetables in our diet. If you have read this blog before you might be aware of my penchant for sweet treats. Especially those with brown sugar, walnuts and cinnamon, such as the Danish Spice Cake, or Walnut Streusal Cake. Fellow blogger Sandy… Continue reading Chocolate Cake with Zucchini Squash

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DIY Cake and Cookie Pre-Mix and Save

Never buy a packet cookie or cake mix again! Many of them are just flour, sugar and dehydrated egg or fat. You can easily make good quality cake mixes on your own in a food processor, or by hand, if you relish manually rubbing in butter to flour; (I don’t). But it does save you… Continue reading DIY Cake and Cookie Pre-Mix and Save

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Chocolate Orange Cake for Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea

I do enjoy drinking a lovely cuppa at mid-morning. To savour that cuppa with other enthusiastic bloggers at Su’s Virtual Tea Party, is an extra treat. The Thirteenth day of November in the calamitous year of 2020, is auspicious, but I am not superstitious. I do wonder how many extra lotto tickets will be sold… Continue reading Chocolate Orange Cake for Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea

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Weekly Cake Recipe Rich Chocolate Orange Cake

One Cake A Week Do Chocolate Cakes in your house disappear all too quickly? Then your household will love this Chocolate Orange cake. It has the flavour of Chocolate with a hint of orange juice goodness. Better than chocolate! Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe Ingredients 125g butter (softened) 1 tablespoon orange zest 1 3/4 cups Self… Continue reading Weekly Cake Recipe Rich Chocolate Orange Cake

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Fast Chocolate Brownie Slice Recipe #Onecakeaweek

Who wants to spend too much time in the kitchen these days? Even with Covid lockdowns, the easier and simpler the recipe, the better it is for everyone. Right? This Chocolate Brownie recipe will be perfect to whip up for Afternoon or Morning Tea treats, school lunches, surprise gifts for friends and impromptu family visits.… Continue reading Fast Chocolate Brownie Slice Recipe #Onecakeaweek

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Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

Cake with Cinnamon and White Chocolate Options #onecakeaweek This week’s Cake at the Home by the Sea is delicious served with tea or coffee or can be versatile enough for a dessert treat if served with some vanilla yoghurt, cream or ice cream drizzled with Raspberry Coulis. Raspberry Buttermilk Cake Recipe Ingredients 130g plain flour… Continue reading Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

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Lemon Yoghurt CupCakes

Speciality delicatessens and bakeries in my part of the world offer Lemon Yoghurt cupcakes to die for. Mostly they come from one or two bakeries, ones that are Italian in origin and their product offerings. Yet, it seems that the Lemon and Yoghurt Cake may have been French in origin: Grandmother all over France are… Continue reading Lemon Yoghurt CupCakes

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Cinnamon Spice cake

I do look for recipes that use cinnamon, as it is has so many health-giving benefits: Cinnamon Spice contains calcium, iron, vitamins, fibre assists with  a variety of digestive ailments such as gas and bloating has a mild anti-inflammatory effect. Studies have shown improved insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control by taking as little as… Continue reading Cinnamon Spice cake

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Not Your Average Carrot Cake

I was racking my brains to find the location for a recipe for Carrot Cake I had saved somewhere. It has been sitting in my file notes for I think, several years. Last week, I made it. The M.o.t.h. loves Carrot cakes as he figures as it is a vegetable, it is all healthy and… Continue reading Not Your Average Carrot Cake