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Sunday Morning by the Water

21 thoughts on “Sunday Morning by the Water”

  1. Very idyllic. I can almost hear the quiet! Or do you have a riot of kookaburras in the background?
    Just so you know, I said kookaburras because it’s the only Australian bird I know off my head. I just looked at Youtube to see how they sound … Holy moly! I hope you don’t have to deal with all kind of racket in the morning 🙂

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    1. Kookaburras are really loud and we often had them come to visit at our old house. They prefer more bushland areas to the seaside. If you are on a tablet or pc you can hear them on this old post:
      For some reason, I get an error message with videos when viewing older posts with my smartphone. Maybe you know why?
      This morning there was only a few birds twittering here. Some Willy Wagtails. Do you know them?


      1. Those kookaburras come thru LOUD AND CLEAR on my phone. Maybe your phone is smart enough to mute the sound when it detects that video 😉 Sorry, I don’t know why. Check if you can play the video outside of your blog and in YouTube proper. If is OK in YouTube, then I’d suspect the new WP editor (try converting the post to Blocks & re-inserting the Youtube video) If it’s not OK in YouTube either, then maybe it’s something on your phone … & it’s time call your son 🙂

        I’ve never heard of Willy Wagtails. How come you Aussies have the sweetest names?! I looked them up on Youtube and saw why they’re called such. Looks like they have avian ADHD. I felt a little dizzy looking at them.

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      2. Hilarious! Avian AdHd. That is funny, Sandy. They are the sweetest birds. It is said their call can be likened to saying, “Sweet pretty little creature!”
        I suspect the reason the videos show as unsupported might be something to do with wordpress. At least it is showing on your phone, so some can see it.
        I think our names are ‘new world’ names – they describe the species, rather than a generic ancient name like sparrow, swallow etc. The colonials named most of them except for certain names like goanna which seems indigenous. Whoever came up with platypus?!

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      1. Well one of my dogs was attacked by a vicious dog some years back and since then has become a nervous, excitable dog. I suppose you might say fear reactive to other dogs. This early mornings are quieter and better for her.
        Plus the dogs pick up on our vibes.

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