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Opening a Bee Hotel

purple Pea flowers

One of every three bites of food we eat is derived from plants pollinated by bees. And bees are in trouble worldwide.

Stingless Native bees on a paperbark tree

As pollinators, bees along with other insects play an essential role for our gardens and plants, fertilizing plants so they may begin producing fruit and seeds. Bees are very important because:

  • 70 of the top 100 most popular food crops are pollinated by bees
  • 80% of all flowering plants on earth and pollinated by bees
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Pesticides, parasites and climate change are diminishing bee populations worldwide and we can help them.


We can help them with organic gardening practices, planting flowers to attract them and provide them with shelter, so at the Home by the Sea is opening a Bee Hotel.

Someone staying overnight

35 thoughts on “Opening a Bee Hotel”

  1. Well done! I have also put up hotels for some years, and I have currently three going. A project is growing bee friendly oplants – and it is coming along nicely!.


    1. I try to incorporate flowering plants in my new coastal garden. It appears to be working. Even hardy herbaceous plants like Rosemary have flowers that the bees here seem to like. I only have a small garden so one is enough. I would love to have a bee hive – stingless native one of course, as the’Moth’ is allergic.


      1. I’d love to try beehives too. But there is much to learn! And in Sweden I know some bee owners too – they tell me it is interesting but so many disasters can hit the bees. Mites and cold for example.

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      2. It is precarious moving bee colonies here too, Anne-C. When you buy a native bee hive, the seller will come to your house and help the hive acclimatise to your surrounds. Sometimes, they have fights and might swarm! If this happens, the colony might split up and leave to establish themselves somewhere else. It is quite complicated and I feel a great responsibility as I would not want the hive to die!


    1. I plant flowering bushes and trees in my garden. Even flowering herbs will help. I probably should have included that in the post. It takes some time for the bees to find it. And it is just a hotel not a hive.


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