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Chocolate Orange Cake for Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea

I do enjoy drinking a lovely cuppa at mid-morning. To savour that cuppa with other enthusiastic bloggers at Su’s Virtual Tea Party, is an extra treat.

tea cake and sandwiches

The Thirteenth day of November in the calamitous year of 2020, is auspicious, but I am not superstitious. I do wonder how many extra lotto tickets will be sold today.

Having once worked in a Newsagency, I can vouch for the increase in sales on days like these.

Meanwhile November has been busy. There always seems to be something happening at the Home by the Sea.

Melbourne cup day without the racing crowds continued in our neighbourhood and one of our wonderful neighbours dressed up as a bookie running a sweep or two.

Melbourne Cup party

I have been joining in with Qi Gong exercise every day that I can through the week, however turned awkwardly this morning and have pulled a muscle in my back. Ouch…. Getting old sucks. Really.

Schnauzer November News

The dogs have not been forgotten and had a fantastic run at the fenced off leash area and the doggie beach. First time off leash for the pup and she loved running with the chocolate labradors and then having a hydrobath afterwards. They rested well afterwards.

The doggies were spoilt a bit with early Christmas presents from Pupsnaps anti – anxiety beds. Since these arrived, several of my friends have had theirs delivered. Pupsnaps must be so pleased with the business from the Schnauzers. The dogs almost need to recieve a commission.

The Koala Rescue group have been making Christmas garlands, complete with koalas. We threaded up all of these one weekend. I hope they sell well at the markets as the funds all go towards running the Rescue operation.

At least one koala is killed or wounded every night in breeding season. Staggering statistics.

So finally, here is what I am eating for Su’s Virtual Tea – A Chocolate Orange cake.

chocolate orange cakechocolate orange cake slice

Feel like making it yourself? Here you will find the Cake recipe.

Join me at Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea

A Home by the Sea

18 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Cake for Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea”

  1. I was wondering what’s so special about November 13. That is until I saw that it’s Friday 13th. Given the course of the last few months, I think we can say that it’s been a Friday13th for the entire year ๐Ÿ™‚
    Chocolate Orange Cake sounds delish!

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      1. Well technically … here in North America, Black Friday refers to the day after US Thanksgiving (which is the 4th Thursday in November). It’s the day when people started shopping for the holidays.

        It’s called Black Friday because it’s the day that retailers sell so much, their ledgers go from red to black.

        … probably more than you wanted to know, but this used to be a key date in my old job, a long long time ago.

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      2. I have heard of the Black Friday sales. Some retailers have been adopting this as a way to rise sales here, as Australians become more familiar with the concept, due to the internet.


      3. It’s the same here in Canada. We’ll have Black Friday sales in November, even though our Thanksgiving is in October.
        Normally, our shopping blitz starts on the day after Christmas, on Boxing Day. Then hordes of people line up for hours before the shops open, so that they can get deep discounts. Crazy people.

        Do you have Boxing Day sales in Australia? I suspect it’s more of a British tradition, which is why they don’t have them in America

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      4. We don’t have Thanksgiving here at all, Sandy, and I was surprised you even had it in Canada. I guess it is a bit like Halloween here. It grows and spreads. Boxing Day Sales are manic here. Like in your area, people are lined up even outside cheap discount stores hoping to get a bargain. They do, but the stores have cut back a lot now but people still think they are getting a great buy and the sales are over the top. Crazy indeed.

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    1. It is not a combination that I am that keen about, Su, but is is rather nice. It reminds me of that choc – orange chocolates you see around Xmas. I never really liked them that much. Did you have them in NZ?


  2. There is a lot of good stuff here, Amanda. The chocolate orange cake sounds good. Loved seeing all your Instagram photos. I just clicked on them and they opened in Instagram. Friday the 13th’s are all lucky days for me and we love them. I’ve mentioned before my daughter was born on a Friday the 13th. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s my good luck charm now. She’s cooking our weekend breakfast for us now. I do not ever shop Black Friday sales. It’s insane and dangerous. Too many people in closed in spaces have always caused me to move on. I have already done all the shopping I’m going to do for Christmas and everything else gets hand made. Add the rain to the mix here at this coming holiday time and I try to stay warm and cozy inside. I feel so sad for those in the southern hemisphere that have Christmas in the summer months. It’s just wrong. I’ve tried it and am not a fan. Tea parties are always in season though. Thanks for the glimmer of that cake.

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    1. You are always welcome at a tea party!
      Yes Black friday sales during Covid take on a new sinister feeling. It is funny about social distancing here. Even though we have no cases at all now, we are still socially distancing. It is suggested that we keep doing it as it makes lining up at counters in shops such as bakeries much more civilised and orderly. The hospital near us has reported Zero cases of flu this winter. ZERO! The surprising positive of Covid and social distancing.
      Happy birthday to your daughter! She is your lucky charm. I told my girl today she was my favourite person in the whole world. I hope that made her day. I only have one daughter, you see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not at all surprised, Amanda. You have a good leader there and I hope we start turning around in January. There are an awful lot of very not bright people here. I still wear a mask and gloves if I have to be out. Doing very little going out. I only have one daughter too. She’s my favorite as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ My son is my favorite too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. Unfortunately we cannot ascribe the success with Covid to our federal (national) leader. More so the states as they had the individual power to close or open borders. The national leader shirked all responsibility and let in a cruise ship that was full of Covid cases in the early days. Otherwise, this island of ours would be even better off than we are now. Both my sons are favourites but my daughter and I can talk much better and as such we feel much closer but I don’t really have favourite children. I disliked that mentality. But favourite people is quite the different matter and I have no hesitation in saying that my daughter is my favourite women in the whole world. I imagine you feel the same. Again, we are often on the same wavelength, Marlene.

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