fog over lake

Last photo challenge

Foggy days at the Home by the Sea are rare. This one was a delight.

I am a fan of foggy weather, you see. Walking through a fog is an ethereal experience for me. Perhaps it reminds me of my beloved Denmark?

Post the last photofor October from your chosen device.

Brian at Bushboys blog will explain more on the challenge.

7 thoughts on “Last photo challenge”

  1. Looks like we both had a foggy 31st October Amanda. I just love how the photo drifts from left to right with wonderful reflections. Thanks for joining in 🙂


  2. It is very ethereal, Amanda – a beautiful scene captured.
    As you can imagine, I don’t have opportunity for fog in Singapore, and strangely, even when we were in London on various occasions for Christmas, we hardly had any. So I relish these dreamy glimpses into an other world.

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    1. It must be more a feature of cooler climates, Ju-Lyn. I guess the humidity and heat of the surrounding land and water are too high for a fog to form, in Singapore. I believe there are 4 types of fog, according to Google.


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