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Which Way Photo Challenge

I have been following San for a while over at Alive and Trekking so joined in with the Which Way Challenge at her blog.

After all, there are plenty of roads I have been on, some of them the same ones San has travelled.

The photo,(or collage), I have chosen to share was rather memorable.

Trollstigen in Norway – the Troll’s staircase a road over the mountains to Geiranger, is a special location and I was were lucky enough to see it before the weather closed in.

The Orange deck is the vantage point where I stood, in 2014.

Photo Credit – http://www.fjordnorway.com/top-attractions/trollstigen

A tree can create a tunnel. This is the way I will take today.

15 thoughts on “Which Way Photo Challenge”

    1. The deck is high up, Ineke and you can see all the way down the valley to the fjord at Geiranger. When I stood there I could make out one of the huge cruise ships way down at the dock. Then the clouds closed in around us. Amazing!


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