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Climate Change is not in Quarantine

Winter is Over for 2020

That is it. Winter is done and dusted in this, the so-called Sunshine State.

Nature knows. The signs are there, for anyone who cares to look.

Clear blue skies and gardens sporting new foliage and flowers, (well some never stopped). All doubt were washed away when I spotted the first insect swanning around my Dining room, just before lunch.


Even that fly knows that warmth is on its way.

Whilst Blogger Snow over in Finland, laments how the first day of August heralds the end of her all too short, warm summer weather, I can empathise with her, for all the opposite reasons. The southern hemisphere is already warming up for its hottest season yet.

The earth has turned and so must the weather. It is the Yin and the Yang of life.

Technically there is still one more month of winter – August and yet the cool crisp mornings are receeding far too quickly for me. Living here in August means you can be caught wearing one layer of clothing too many, or a cardigan/jumper at 10 am in the morning. The body screams in response: “Take this hot thing darn well off!”

Even though the public seems to have forgotten about it – climate change isn’t in quarantine from Covid-19 and is real. Evidence is here for all to see.

At 11 am today, I had a moment. For me, this moment happens every year.

No matter how cold the winter is, the realization that we are close to the start of a lengthy, hot summer causes this winter-loving bunny to have a personal crisis. The endless glare of the ultra-hot Australian summer sun and the eternal sweaty, smelly bodies that are consistent with subtropical life in Queensland, make hibernating in air-conditioning as essential as oxygen itself.

Then there is the unsettling feeling that our Summer of roughly five months, now might extend to eight or nine months!

The combination of the spectre of Bushfires, soaring temperatures and months without rain are worrisome indeed.

What Everyone thinks of an Australian Summer
What I think of an Australian summer. (

I shouldn’t complain, should I? There are worse things in life. And yet, everyone whinges about the weather no matter what kind of weather they have, nor no matter where they live, don’t they?

Is the weather turning in your part of the world?

Are you a winter or summer person?

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15 thoughts on “Climate Change is not in Quarantine”

  1. I am a Fall person – glorious autumn colors, glorious sunlight, crisp fall air & the occasional hot Indian summer days.
    Winters – only if its in my ‘tropical’ part of Canada – where it rarely goes below -25C & 10cm of snowfall is a big deal.
    Summers – only if I can escape to A/C climate controlled environment 🙂

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    1. Only where it rarely goes below -25 C!!! Eeek. That is about the coldest temp I have ever been in! That is your idea of tropical Canada? Good Lord, I may have to rethink my defined season and move to a Autumn person. We don’t have any Autumn here – very few deciduous trees so not much in the way of Autumn foliage. Hence why I travelled to Japan 2 years back to experience a real Autumn. I loved it! I took photos of trees and plants everywhere. The colours were amazing. It is a shame we don’t have any of that here. It is all grey-green – except the grass. It does turn brown in winter.

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  2. I am definitely a winter person because I live near the equator and so I am experiencing the same problem of summers becoming longer over time. In fact some countries along the equator might not be habitable by 2070 or even before that.

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  3. Love this! Such an important topic to be bring awareness to!!!! Loved reading this! To spread more awareness of the climate crisis, please feel free to check out my recent blog post! (:


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