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Good Morning

It is the start of a new day.

sunrise on the lake

When you are in the midst of your working life,  the morning can be rushed. 
Not so, in retirement.

I delight in a stroll towards the lake at sunrise, watching for the old man fish Sir Mullet, jumping high above the water.


To show off his physical prowess like a maritime body builder or as a way to energize himself for the day’s forage feast for food.

On the banks and weedy littoral zone, algae trails dance rhythmically with the tidal ebb and flow of the waters. Always moving, always dynamic.

Meanwhile, triggered by the sun’s first rays, the Willy Wagtail frolicks and flits back and forth up and around on the grassy lawn, in a courtship dance sure to impress a mate.

Me with my dogs alongside of me, skirt the lake’s perimeter, soaking in the natural forces of sun, earth and wind about me.

This place energizes me, urging me to rise with the light and optimistic for the day ahead. Something not felt in my previous chapter.

A meditative time for newly retired me.

22 thoughts on “Good Morning”

    1. Sunrise is the best time of day, here, Snow. I was thinking just today that one of the special things about retiring from paid work is that the act of getting up early isn’t something to dislike or dread any longer. It is a pleasure and indeed something to long for. I enjoy it so much and without any time constraints to get children off to school and myself off to work, I can savour every moment.

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    1. It is a real incentive Sandy and it seems to suit my body clock better. The worst thing to me is waking up, lying in bed because there is no reason to get up early and every wrong thing you have done in your life comes flooding back to haunt your thoughts and ruin your mood. I get straight up and I have none of that. Do you like to sleep in?


      1. Not me. When I wake up I get up. But I don’t wake up early, I’m a bit of night owl, usually I go to sleep after midnight. But on the occasion that I do get up before 7am it’s a treat – seems like a bonus to have an extra long day.
        You pictures remind of mornings on Vancouver Island -superb color and clarity. On one of my last mornings there I woke up at 5 AM and watched the sun rise. I always think of this song when I think about that morning …

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      2. You are a night owl aren’t you, Sandy? Good on you! Thanks for introducing me to that slow guitar and David Gilmour. I have not heard of him before and really enjoyed listening to that. The perfect accompaniment to a sunrise!
        With my daily walks to the beach or to the Lake you are in danger of being spammed with sunrise photos in your wordpress feed.

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      3. Im guessing youve probably heard Gilmour before but didnt know it. He was the lead for Pink Floyd in the late 70s.. If you’re like me, i didnt know them it their heyday. I only recently ‘discovered’ David Gilmour as a solo artist myself. In those days I wasnt into rock music.

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      4. Well I definitely know, Pink Floyd. So there you go! No wonder he plays great guitar! Yet I wasn’t really into their music that much. Of course, another brick in the wall was huge when I was in late high school.


    1. Thank you, Tanja. I really love living here. It is everything that I wanted, except for a good vege grocer. For that, I have to travel a bit further. But if that is all I can complain about, I should not really complain, should I? Are you planning on working for a few years yet?


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