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Magnesium Rich Foods for Lunch

I have been having issues with muscle cramps in the foot and calf lately, so I wanted to ensure I wasn’t falling behind on a quota of minerals, such as Magnesium, that might be explain this problem.

Symptoms of a Magnesium deficiency may include:

  • numbness
  • tingling
  • muscle cramps
  • seizures
  • muscle spasticity
  • personality changes
  • abnormal heart rhythms

Lunch constituted a portion of Salmon, some baby Spinach leaves in a leafy green Salad, topped with Apple cider vinaigrette dressing, and garnished with Almonds, Pickled Danish Cucumbers and Walnuts.

I just needed some avocado to top it off. According to, one medium avocado provides 58 mg of magnesium, which is 15% of the RDI.

But there are loads more good reasons to add avocado in your diet.

More Reasons to Add Avocado to your Diet

Studies have shown that eating avocados can reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol levels and increase feelings of fullness after meals.

Sounds like a powerhouse food, right?

What to Eat as a Magnesium-Rich Afternoon Snack?

Perhaps a Banana with a square or two if 70% dark chocolate?

15 thoughts on “Magnesium Rich Foods for Lunch”

    1. I have to be a bit careful with dark chocolate as I am sensitive to caffeine, thus I sometimes get headaches from eating it. But it is delicious. Avocados are also quite versatile aren’t they, Marion? What is your preferred way to eat them?

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      1. That’s the way I prepare them, Marion. (I edited the previous comment as my phone keypad slipped into Danish for a couple of words!) I suppose as Sandy mentioned, avocadoes could be used as a vegetable ingredient in a cake, like carrot or zucchini.

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  1. I do love avocados and chocolate. Funnily enough, I just read a recipe for vegan chocolate cake with frosting made with avocados, chocolate and sugar. In theory , I can see this working … but Im not vegan and I do like my avocados as is.

    Plus i remember a story where James Beard (?) Verbally crucified someone for putting avocados in a dessert. I wouldnt want to invoke his ghost 🙂

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      1. He was an American chef, cookbook author and food personality. Along with Julia Child, he was one the originals promoting fine cooking & regional American cuisine. The James Beard award is a distinguished awards that every cookbook author wants to get. Regarding the avocado connection … if I remember right, he was berating the laziness of a young cook who hadn’t the wherewithal to research and taste, the proper use of an avocado pear. I think he’d cooked it in a sweet syrup or something. Sin#1 was not researching the unfamiliar fruit. Sin#2 was not tasting it .. because avocados become bitter after cooking (so I hear)

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      2. I haven’t really cooked that much with them. I think I have had them wrapped in a chicken breast, perhaps? I like them with lots of pepper so that might counteract any bitterness? Interesting with the award. Was he a bit like Gordon Ramsay?

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      3. I’ve always eaten avocados raw, sliced with a bit of salt. I dont even like them mashed in guacamole.
        I believe James Beard hosted the first cooking show on TV, so in that respect he was like Ramsey. I doubt that he was as verbally abusive, it wouldn’t have been tolerated in 1960s television.

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      4. True. There were many words you couldn’t say on TV in those days. How things have changed and language evolved, even in our own lifetimes. Avocadoes are great raw too.

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  2. What would we do without magnesium?? This stuff is like magic in a bottle! We have a discounted bottle on our website you should check it out! We also followed you to keep up with your great content, The DyeHard Team.

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