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Want a Chip, Bro?

I Want a Chip.

I did remind the friendly seagull that he would do better to rely on fresh fish than our takeaway lunch meal. But he wanted a chip.

The famous meme of a seagull offering the beached whale a chip went viral years ago. If you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Beached whale

Chips or chip, in the singular form, is the Australian equivalent of French Fries.

How do you refer to a singular, chip in America? Is it a “fry?”

How does an America say, ” Hey bro, do you want a fry?

The gull had several from our lunch of fish and chips and flew away satisfied with a crop of cholesterol.

The envy of his flock.

7 thoughts on “Want a Chip, Bro?”

  1. More likely to say “Get the F@#$ outta here!”

    Seagulls are a pest here in the city. Im always amazed at how they proliferate in landlocked parking lots and parks. Strangely enough in Ucluelet.on Vancouver Island I dont see as many seagulls. Around the local Fish and Chip truck, black crows are the chip pest. They are bigger, even more aggresive and a lot more beady-eyed. At least they cluster in smaller groups … so more like thugs rather than mobs 🙂

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    1. Thugs lol. Black beady eyed crows can be daunting and unsettling, Sandy. The gulls here are pretty harmless and easily disturbed. Only small flocks with a random brave one like this. It is the ibis that can be annoying – they are colloquially called the ‘bin chicken’- Which gives you an idea of what they do. They have come become radically urbanised living off scraps in the city and a quite dirty; a bit like pigeons on crack!

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      1. I remember seeing ibis in Sydney and thinking them quite exotic..They were not rummaging in the bins at the time so I didnt realise their true calling..

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      2. Lol. Your stay was clearly not long enough to reveal their now perverted ways! Lol. You should see how many have colonised the city’s refus facility. It is quite disgusting. But then, it is not their fault. They have discovered a niche…

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