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Sunrise and Sunset at the Beach

The morning sun rising over water can be one of the most invigorating feelings for the spirit and the body. Stimulating, within us, a bundle of potential energy to begin our day.

Sunrise is a time to bear witness to the opening of the universe’s portal to eternity. Untouchable and surreal.

When the sun breaks over the low, scudding clouds that persistently hang on the horizon, we are blessed with a fleeting splendour of golden rays that nourish in our spirit endless possibilities.

After hours of restful slumber, being present and mindful during a sunrise brings feelings of anticipation and promise: a myriad of potentials for a day we have yet to explore.


The amazing thing, about where I live, is the experience of both sunrise and sunset over the water. This is the beauty of living on a peninsula, with sea water on three sides.

The evening light show that Mother nature provides, is more often subdued than her morning counterpart.

More mellow, the tones of sunset can be at times be ever so thrilling, so excitable you cannot look away, lest the magic of what you are seeing, disappears.

Mostly laid back energy, the sunset is evocative of our time to chill out, to prepare for the evening and its accompanying slower pace. The light show nature lays out for us in a glorious sunset such as this, changes from a deep luminescent orange and gold, to a deep purple and hot pink.

The artist that is our Mother Nature is the consummate colour harmonizer. Sunset colours blend seamlessly. She never gets it wrong!

Life at my Home by the Sea is always satisfying.

Reaffirming something I have been waiting my whole life to experience.

I breathe a deep breath of satisfaction.


16 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset at the Beach”

    1. The longer I live here, the more I appreciate nature’s gifts. For some years, it was not thought of in fond terms as it was too far out from the capital city and so attracted people who were looking for very low rental costs, but now it is undergoing gentrification but remains a bit of a hidden secret that Brisbaners come to for respite on weekends. I am lucky to have that all week. I read recently that because it was connected by a bridge and was almost an island, back in early to mid 20th century, people would dump their unwanted dogs and cats here as the water made it difficult for the animals to track their way back home! And the Bee Gees grew up here! (Fun fact) A sad but incredible story. I am just about to head down to the beach for the sunrise. It becomes a little addictive.

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    1. Well I do have to get up early enough to see the sunrise. I won’t be up early enough in summer – 4.30am, so have to make the most of it in winter. You have to be on the beach by 6.15 am. I do only twice or three times a week, Marlene, as I drive the 2 – 2.5 km to the beach. If I walked it, I would miss the sunrise and only could catch it at our lake, which is not as spectacular! I would love one of the houses overlooking the beach, but can’t afford the price tag! Those who get this morning or evening view, also have to contend with the afternoon winds and salt spray, or vapour that builds up on the glass windows and doors, every day. I am not fond of cleaning windows. So that is something we don’t have to be jealous of!

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