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Glory in Nature – Sunset Surprise

Sky, sunset
The Glory of Nature – what a show!

If anyone was ever in doubt as to the majesty and power of nature they only had to look out over my balcony last night to see this.

Such a Surprise on one of the coldest but freshest nights at the Home By the Sea, yet.

red, orange, sky
Just look at the range of colours and effects – no filter!

As a fan of winter and cooler weather, it didn’t bother me. I heard many grumblings from family and neighbours.

Isn’t it cold? They complained as they pulled out thermals and jumpers and huddled under blankets.

Ironic that now there is some freedom to move around, nature slaps us back into our homes, sheltering from the cold south westerly winds.

One could almost say nature appears not quite ready to receive the full onslaught of modern civilisation quite yet.

20 thoughts on “Glory in Nature – Sunset Surprise”

      1. 9 degrees and sunny is the best! When I was in Singapore, if ever the temperature dropped to 25C people complained too. I once told a taxi driver that -5C was a mild winter day & he was incredulous. He said that even his fridge wasn’t that cold! 🙂

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      2. Haha! A mild winter’s day being equivalent to the interior of a fridge. I thought Scandinavia was cold but I think you have it colder in Canada – no jetstream to warm it up a little, I guess. Have you ever had frostbite?

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      3. I live in the tropical region of Canada and I’d have to be far more outdoorsy to risk getting frostbite. In Toronto, winter averages are around -10 (-20’s with windchill). Frostbite is a risk further north where it’s wilder and the weather chill will take you to -30’s & -40’s C. It’s worse the further north you go.

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    1. Yesterday morning I opened up the blinds in my Northern facing room and it was so delightful basking in the sun away from the south westerly wind. That is when winter is at its best. I have planned the future bedroom to be here, if we ever can’t get up the stairs. I love a light sun-filled bedroom in the mornings.

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    1. Ah summer has retreated a little, Marion? Don’t worry, it will be bad. The polar weather seems to work, unsurprisingly I guess, in unison, so when it is very cold here, it gets very warm up your end of the planet. Meals out on the patio sounds very Australian. We had one with a few freinds yesterday – now that restrictions are slowly lifting.

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