Friendly Friday – Isolation Cravings

“What am I Craving in Isolation?”

Sandy misses the beach. Do I?

I already have a beach at my doorstop.

Neighbours, convenient transport, cyclists, kids?

They are all around me too.

My kids have moved home due to job loss/constraints and we speak to most of my friends via phone, messaging or if they are locals, in person, but at a social distance.

The air is cleaner and the traffic calmer.

Life has slowed down.

I like that.

People are educating their kids at home, spending quality time with then that will become treasured memories in later life.

Time with your children can never be traded back later.

It is a once-only ticket to a perpetual show that changes EVERY DAY and never has an encore.

The Mountains known as Glass House on the horizon near my home

I feel pretty lucky to be living where I do – a great mix of city and coastal life, without the frenetic pace. But there are two things I do miss, Sandy.

  • a good haircut
  • sipping a cuppa at a hyggelig cafe.

Posting for Friendly Friday Isolation Craving Photo Story Challenge, hosted by Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles and Amanda (me) at Something to Ponder About.

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Isolation Cravings”

  1. Ah, yes. There are always 2 sides to every coin. Children out of work is never a good thing except to getting to spend more time with them. I do miss being social as that is who I am. In small doses. I miss going out to breakfast or lunch with my daughter once a week. Bringing takeout home just isn’t the same. I miss sitting in the bookstore breathing in all the possibilities and walking the mall in the very early hours with all the other older folks who need a safe place to go. I’m not even sure our mall will survive this. It’s the little things we retired folks miss most. But we make do until wellness can happen again for everyone. Hang in there and don’t rush it. Hugs, M

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    1. Thank you for your lovely words, Marlene and for painting a picture of Iso life in your area. I do worry that some of our malls will become ghosttowns, abandoned places left to rack and ruin. Why not turn this into accomodation for the homeless – because the infrastructure is already there, and the homeless will infiltrate them anyway! There could be retraining and shelter facilities. But hopefully it won’t come to that and your mall will survive. There is much talk here about openign up again and how to gradually do it. The process has already started as our case rate is low.
      The other point you raise is also valid – it is not just the food that is important for social outings. It is the atmosphere at the cafes, the people watching, the smells, sights, sounds, the interaction with staff and fellow diners, the decor on the walls, or books on the shelves. All this is clearly important and makes up part of the whole experience.
      I think that is why a cafe society has become so popular. Last night I went down to the esplanade to get a takeaway from one of the restaurants that is remaining open for takeaway. I would write more here, but I decided to write it up in a post –

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      1. I’ll check it out ASAP. Maybe in all of this, we will learn to think differently about so many things. The only reason I go to the mall is for early morning (before they open stores) walks with the other seniors or mommies and babies getting exercise. After cooking meals all week my daughter and I loved trying new and favorite foods one meal on a weekend out. Now she goes for takeout and I still cook my own. love people watching more than anything. 🙂

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      2. When we are less mobile, people watching can be fascinating! All the different clothing styles, looks, hairs, ethnicities, and the way each individual chooses to express his identity.

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  2. Hair cuts! I am long past due and my bright white swatch of roots proclaim my true age. It’s just as well I can’t go out much. When I do, I wear a mask so no one can recognize me 🙂

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    1. Masks have their advantages, but don’t let it worry you. Some people I know are using this time to embrace the change to grey hair! More cost effective! I have a hair appointment booked for two weeks, at the hairdresser. I am pleased.

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      1. And my son is moving this week actually – he got a New job during the pandemic – And heads for Texas – sad on one hand and super happy on the other – you know – that momma heart tug


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