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Textures in Photography

The self imposed reduction in social activities at the Home by the Sea, gives me a great reason to research how to improve my photographic skills. I regularly host Friendly Fridays over at my main blog, Something to Ponder About, and was tempted to join Travel Talk’s challenge which runs each month with a different focus point.


In examing texture in photography, I varied the light, angle and composition to enhance the subject. As these photos are from my archive, I had to edit them to enhance the texture and composition, by using the cropping function. Further, I increased the clarity in a photo editor to bring out more texture in the mushroom caps and adjust the light source.

Fungi are a great subject for photographers.

I love the structure of these small mushrooms caps. The stalks look as though they would not be able to hold a feather. The caps are so delicate, yet potentially so poisonous.

If anyone knows their scientific know, I would be glad to add that to the photographic file information.

Over at Traveltalk you will find the photographic challenge wherein we are examining textures in our photography.


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10 thoughts on “Textures in Photography”

  1. Hahaha… I love leggy peggy’s comment! They do indeed mostly stay still and they are wonderful subjects with very interesting textures and patterns. Thank you for joining me this week Amanda 🙂

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