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Walking with Kangaroos and Galahs

Getting up early to go walking in summer, brings you some delightful surprises. And let’s face it, it is SO much cooler when you live in the sub-tropics. It is also a time when the animals are more active, as they too struggle in the heat and like to rest when the sun is high.

Like this family herd of Kangaroos. You won’t see any around at noon, as they will be resting in the shadows, but go walking early morning and you will see them, enjoying the free grass shoots that emerged with the recent god given rains.

Perhaps you will join me on this walk as we take a glimpse into Australian fauna.

Photo Cred: Facebook

The gorgeous roos were making the most of the recent rains and although you cannot see them in the photo, One mum has a baby, called a joey, which we have often seen at the newly created and yet to be used, sporting fields at theend of a nearby road. The roos seem to be co-existing well with the encroaching development. Let us hope it stays that way.

“One man’s trash can be another’s treasure.”

The rain gives happiness to animals and people alike. For me, rainfall and cooler days are invigorating. After years of drought, and months of never ending bushfires, the rainfall last week of showers and the occasional thunderstorm is so glorious in all its wetness! Truly manner from heaven. The drought may not be over but the grass and plants respond.

I often think about that disconnect between feelings about rain. The folks in the Northern hemisphere have had enough of it and down here we crave it more and more. There never seems to be enough, for all of Australia, or if there is, it comes down in bucketloads, far too much for us and our fragile land to absorb.

Do you get how we feel about rain in Australia?

The ducks and swans frolick in the overflowing pond, and yes, our feet get muddy.

Yet it is this lifegiving substance the earth needs to rejuvenate, to heal, for water is the essence of life.

With blue sky as far as the eye could see in the other direction, I turned and headed back home. By the lakeside, I was greeted by the local birds. They were really happy too. Except perhaps, the baby galah!

He was probably pretty hungry by the sound of his raucous call.

Along with all the other walkers around the globe, Jo’s Monday walks inspire me to share a little of my home by the sea with others around the globe.

Have a wonderful week. I plan to do so.

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19 thoughts on “Walking with Kangaroos and Galahs”

      1. I guess the temperature of the rain does come into our enjoyment or dislike of the rain, Marion. I was in the north of Sweden once, and happy to walk in the snow even though it was driving into my face. One of the Swedish teens I was walking with, complained loudly about it, and for me, it wasn’t totally comfortable, but loving the snowy atmosphere, it was a delight to feel something different. I would much prefer that to squinting tightly and trying to minimize the glare and the heat bearing down on my skin from the intense sunshine here……
        Funny how perspective can alter one’s opinion one way or another.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Great to have you ‘along for the ride’ Amanda πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Even though it’s often greeted with long faces here, I don’t mind the rain. It’s life force, isn’t it? Just so long as the sun shines again afterwards. I love watching everything perk up and stretch up to the warmth. πŸ™‚
    Your link is to last week’s walk, which is not a problem for me but will mean fewer people might see it this week. I think people often visit from the link in the post. I know I usually do if I’m taking part in a challenge. There will be a walk up next week. After that, we’ll see… Thanks, hon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, I agree about the life force. As for the link, I was writing that as you were about to hit publish, so I can edit that to reflect the new walk. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I’m a sunshine person so really hate rain, wind and cold weather. I’d be happy living where you are, especially if I could take an early morning walk like this and see some native wildlife πŸ™‚


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