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30-day New You New Year challenge

I’ve been working my way through this challenge mostly every day, but sometimes every second day. After all, life does get in the way of blogging challenges at times, doesn’t it?

Day 14 – Done
Day 15 – disconnect from the phone
Gosh so many of us seem to spend inordinate amount of hours on the phone. Either in scrolling social media, doing work, reading emails, reading books, scanning pictures or social media.
It’s endless and the phone seems to take more and more of our valuable communication time. I have even seen older people are scrolling through phones at coffee shops, bus stations or on trains. Even my 90 year old mother in law sends texts and uses an ipad.
Can a human race no longer tolerate boredom or sitting with nothing to do?

That valuable time to imagine, to dwell and to think.

Have we completely are we on the way to completely eliminating that from Society because we must be occupied 100% of the time?

 Today I thought of it about that and read the prompt.  I managed to disconnect my phone, no strike that, didn’t manage but chose to disconnect from the phone for about 8 hours at work. 

It is not so hard to disconnect from the phone for more than that length of time, at work. However, I am still working on a screen.

When i have a social engagement the phone is away in my bag and ignored.

I do not check the phone while I am out with lunch with friends or having a coffee with a mate. Do you?

8 thoughts on “30-day New You New Year challenge”

  1. Although I use my iPad and phone a lot, I agree there is a time and place for everything. When I’m out and about visiting new places or having lunch with friends my phone is on silent and away in my bag. At the kitchen table at home we read our newspapers on iPads over breakfast but we never use our phones,etc at other meal times so we can talk.

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    1. That shows terrific discipline, Marion. Good for you! It can be done. We need a balance with everything don’t we. Too much phone use skews our life. Do you ever feel the need to check the phone during those times you mentioned?

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      1. Not unless I’m expecting something urgently. When Im out and about, I leave the phone on silent but allowing breakthrough numbers for my husband and sons as of course I’m always happy to talk to them unless I’m in a theatre etc. I don’t know if it’s the same in Australia but I see people looking at their phone screens in theatres which is so rude and distracting for others. Another thing I dislike is the irritating habit of people watching videos and/or using speaker phones in cafes and pubs disturbing others. Frequently I have politely requested them to use headphones but to no avail! Waiting for a train now, so need to go. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend Amanda!


      2. Thank you, Marion. I agree with you the user of speaker with mobile phones would be irritating. I haven’t come across it a lot, but what I do see is lots of people talking to themselves with earphones in, walking or jogging. Obviously they’re talking to people on the phone, but it does seem that they won’t derive the full benefit of a walk on the fresh air. And those with children, seem too preoccupied with phones instead of playingor chatting with the kids.


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