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Day 3 – 30 day New Year Challenge

The third day of the challenge tells me to Remove negativity in my life – well they picked a difficult time to do that.

I am so focused on the situation with the fires and the lack of political leadership, I let fly this morning on the phone at a bigoted old conservative voter.

“But what Can they do?” I was asked by this old man.

They can fund the Fire Service, and buy planes to fight the fires.

“Ah,” the old man said, ” It is the Greenies fault, they won’t let them do anything.”

Apparently a small number of Green party politicians in the upper house of Government, prevents the Government from any kind of legislative change or action.

This is the mindset of the ignorant.

The Prime Minister does nothing, except reiterate like a broken record, “I understand people are angry,” and it transpires that the State Premier of NSW has cut funding for the Rural fire service and equipment, right before the fire season started. What impudence.

Volunteer fire fighters are fighting fires without breathing masks or protective equipment, risking their own health and lives. Unconscionable actions by the Government continue, and very little comments from those who sit in their air conditioned offices overlooking Sydney harbour or Canberra.

People are missing, thousands of homes burnt to the ground, 11.3 million acres of bush and more each moment – lost. To say nothing of the loss of animals, the loss to biodiversity and contribution of smoke and carbon to the atmosphere. Unprecedented climate conditions and the politicians do nothing.

So perhaps I really do need to remove negativity in my life today.

I am too churned up and after anger, follows sadness.

That helps no one.

I have to let it go, breathe and find a way to channel the anger into affirmative action.


  • Sign a petition for action on climate change
  • Write a letter to your local parliamentarian requesting support for renewable energy and more funding fire services, fire management plans and fire fighting aeroplanes
  • Do what you can locally in your own back yard to help the plastic, (ie reduce plastic use, compost scraps, fire-proof your property, plant trees).
  • Join a Community group involved in rehabilitating bush, promoting land management
  • Donate to raise funds for those who have lost their home to fire
  • Share information on social media
  • Exercise your well considered democratic right at the ballot box.

Every person can help. Please do what you can.

6 thoughts on “Day 3 – 30 day New Year Challenge”

  1. I don’t see this as being negative. You are looking for affirmative action to take place and ways to help. I don’t understand any group that would stop ways to protect forests and animals. I do understand your frustration. We feel it too.

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    1. There is resentment amongst the older population that assignment of national parks are “locking up” country that could be developed. Basically the older population have a cargo cult mentality. Australia reliance on mineral wealth is the only thing they know. They don’t understand the value of biodiversity and how it contributes to the econsystem and aethetic and therefore economic value of the whole planet. Blinkers….

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      1. My father gifted me with the quote “there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind” I agree. There was also “take everything your read and hear with a grain of sand” a lot in the middle can be wrong. I’m very lucky.

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      2. What a wonderful father! Whilst I admire my father for certain things, he can infuriate me with his closed mind! That is something I need to let go of this year. He will not change and it is a waste of my energy trying to make him.

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