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30 Day New Year New You Challenge

This blog wasn’t intended as a tag a long challenge blog but bringing in the New Year seems like a good time to try something new for a month. Take a big breath and dive in, Amanda.

Um… already I see a problem.

How can I identify the goals I want to achieve in the one moment? I don’t feel that organized. Here goes:

Day 1 – Goals for 2020

  • Return to pre-Christmas Weight
  • Organize my hobby space
  • Paint at least 10 projects – preferable 20 – 30, but that is possibly too ambitious
  • Finish reading the Nordic crime novels on my shelfs
  • Exchange books at the book exchange
  • Read one Non-fiction theoretical book on my shelf
  • Organize my genealogy notes and develop a workable template for collating information
  • Edit the book I am co-writing with blogger, Mabel Kwong
  • A holiday somewhere for birthdays/Easter at the beach? Wait, I live at the beach now….

More tomorrow at:

P.S. I would like to Challenge Chris Riley from LifeofRiley to join in.

Thanks to 40 fore Forty for initiating me joining in with the Challenge.

20 thoughts on “30 Day New Year New You Challenge”

  1. Are you co-writing a book, how cool! What’s it about? The challenge steps sound good – but not realistic for my situation 🤣 Like right now I’m typing this on my phone, waiting for the boys to fall asleep. It’s 10:30 pm and already too late for me to get anything close to 8h sleep and I still haven’t even showered! (Why am I sitting here next to them waiting? Well otherwise they’d just run around the house all night. At least this way they stay in their beds! Which increased the odds of them falling asleep at some point…)

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    1. I have done my share of sitting beside beds waiting for kids to fall asleep. At least you have the phone. My days were pre smart phone and you couldn’t read a book as the light had to be off. I feel like the middle part of my life was spent beside a child’s bed existing on minimal sleep. I didn’t have the sort of kids that put themselves to sleep at 7pm. If they had a nap at kindy, they would be up even later than usual. Can you read on a Kindle?

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      1. ”I feel like the middle part of my life was spent beside a child’s bed existing on minimal sleep.” 😂 Then you understand me perfectly! I don’t have a tablet but browsing blogs on my phone is quite a good way to pass the time 😄

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      2. When it came to my daughter – I was much older and it was so much harder to get up in the night to feed her. I was only able to do it knowing that it was one more night I could cross off the calendar – one more night closer to never having to do it again.

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      3. Having two at once is double the load. I was 38 when I had my daughter and that my body felt 150% more keenly, and effortfully, than the 8 -10 years previously when I had the two boys. I can only begin to imagine what strain it would be if I had twin daughters at that age. You really need some scheduled down time, at least once day a week when you can sit and do Nothing. It is very important.

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  2. Looks like sensible goals. I’m giving myself a 30 day declutter challenge. Day 1 throw out 1 thing, day 2 throw out 2 things, day 3, 3 things etc. So far I’m way ahead of the goal. I cleaned out the laundry cupboard – so much stuff in there, but culled now.

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  3. Those are some very ambitious goals. My daughter and I were talking about ours today at lunch. I’ve set the same goals every year for 30 years. Will this year be any different? ;/ Something has to give to get where I want to go. Darn. Hope you had a happy new year.

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