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Nearly There

Welcome Home

Set for ‘Practical Completion’

We have a Practical Completion Date for the Home by the Sea, and it is very close.

Moving date will actually be a further couple of weeks after that. That gives the builder a chance to fix up all the defects, (hopefully none or not too many), prior to handing over the house keys to us and us handing him the big fat final cheque!!

It is getting exciting, but also somewhat daunting knowing what I have yet to do, before I can lay my head down on the bed in my new home by the sea.

The Carpenter returned to re-do the beautiful Western Red cedar roof on the alfresco area, and on the front panel above the famed and maligned cornerless window.

Just awaiting a ceiling fan and lights

You can see him there hard at work, cursing and teasing me a little good heartedly for making him re-do the section at the front. He is a lovely guy, despite all his intimidating skeletal tattoos!

And for all his tattoos, I asked him if he would let his young daughter get a tattoo when she grew up.

“No way,” he said shaking his head emphatically!

“Good luck with that,” I thought, under my breath.

Further progress included the installation of the Energy Efficient Air Conditioner (an absolute must in northern Australia). Yay!

I won’t have solar power again for a little while, so the less we use it, the better for the planet, right? Mind you, the breeze that persists at the water’s edge might mean we can save a little of the planet’s ecosystems and shut it off for most of the year.

We see that the house has had a QA check and they have found some, well many spots to touch up with the paint. So there are blue dots of tape sprinkled throughout to identify the spots that need fixing with paint.

The bathroom mirrors and shower screens were installed. And I now have somewhere to hang my towel and toilet roll! Yay for that!

The stairs also were dressed with timber grade handrails this week.

All the timber work is to be stained in a teak colour.

The Lows

We discovered that the lovely oak bedside tables we purchased for a reduced price, during a closing down sale won’t fit in our master bedroom with the existing bed frame. Darn it all.

They can go with the two lamps I purchased that were also a mistake. The MOTH took the opportunity to remind me that I had purchased seven lamps this year! Surely not.

**Lesson learnt here. Don’t buy furniture or lamps, without measuring accurately and before your house is complete.

The Highs

We have a resident Mamma Kanga and Baby Joey in our park and sporting fields. Eager to find some freshly watered green grass, I spotted them safely tucked away behind the fencing this morning.

I think we need a name for them.

Do you have any suggestions?

14 thoughts on “Nearly There”

  1. Ahhhh! Kanga and Roooo for neighbours! 😉 I have just read that it’s only a myth, debunked as well, that kangaroo means ‘I don’t understand you’. 😀 Too bad, they could be called Under and Stand. 😀 😀

    Much love and luck with your new home! ❤ Looking great!

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    1. Thanks for the kind wishes, Manja. Under and Stand is most appropriate! I love how creative you are! I have never heard that myth of, ‘I don’t understand you’ for ‘kangaroo’, and I have lived here a long time. Must be of European origin.

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  2. Looks like you’ll be in time to add a Christmas tree to your new decor, how exiting. Shame about the bedside cabinet and lamps – but if that’s all you get wrong by buying prior to possession you won’t have done to badly. We made so many mistakes, the most costly was a leather l-shaped lounge purchased second hand for $2500, To big, so re-sold for $1000. Then replaceD with a $2000 Laz-boy sofa purchased as a knee jerk reaction. We don’t like it, and after two years have decided it to must go. We’ve ordered a suitable L-shaped to be made which will be ready in four weeks. Fingers crossed this one will be right. We have the Laz-boy advertised on Gumtree, started at $650, now down to $500 but no response so far. You have to just about give away used things these days, no matter how good the item, and condition is. Living away from Perth doesn’t help with re-sale either.

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    1. I agree, Chris. It is very difficult to get the value for second hand items. Like our dining table – mahogany – not a scratch. Too big and heavy and unwanted by the Ikea generation – they are all use and chuck it out the next year! Worthy table was probably worth $3500 and I sold it for $250 to a friend. I imagine it is a shame that an aged facility couldn’t utilize the lazy boy? Have you tried the Facebook marketplace?

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    1. I have no comprehension of trying to move in that kind of weather, Marlene! I imagine a range of obstacles, not the least of which is slipping on ice whilst moving large pieces of furniture. That must be quite dangerous??

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  3. Congratulations, Amanda, this is wonderful. Great neighbors, even if you do have to name them. Beautiful scenery. I bet you spend more time outside, so you do have to worry about inside heating or air conditioning.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


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