We’re Cooking

Why we are Moving to the Home by the Sea

I am anxious to receive a Practical Completion date for the Home by the Sea, particularly after a rather intrusive incident at our rental townhouse which was detailed over at Something to Ponder About – [StPA]. Should you be interested in how to save a ton of money in real estate advertising fees and piss off a rental tenant at the same time, for no extra cost, you can read about ‘Mrs The World is My Oyster,’ on my other blog.

Despite not knowing exactly when we might be moving in to the Home by the Sea – we do know that the painting is complete and most plumbing and electrical fittings are installed.

Today, I met with the Electrician to position the pendant lights in the lounge area. He was such a very young man, to be in charge, but obviously highly competent at his job. It is a shame he had a long time girlfriend, as I do keep an eye out for a good quality future son-in-law. [lol]

The taps have been installed and we could have indulged in a shower or bath, if we needed to do so. We passed on that opportunity today as I forgot my towel….

The pendant lights were installed over the Island bench and the Oven and Cooktop are in!

Yay! Hot Christmas dinner – here we come!

The stove is an Induction model, and I am a complete novice in that realm, having only used electric ceramic cooktops for the past 25 years! I had to go out and buy some new utensils and pans. It is wide so I am hoping there will be no more juggling trays to fit in all the roast vegetables my tribe loves to eat on Roast nights.

Still to come at the Home by the Sea: Carpets, minor fixes, hand rails, cupboard shelving for walk in pantry and linen cupboard, mirrors and shower screens, as well as Landscaping and Fencing. And then perhaps, we are done! [excluding the re-do of the Cedar ceiling].

Surely not long now till we move to the Home by the Sea.

11 thoughts on “We’re Cooking”

  1. If I read correctly that’s a Westinghouse oven, I’m pleased to see. We’ve had lots and of deferent ovens, and the only ones we’ve found to cook evenly have been Westinghouse. We’ve had three now. We had a really super duper Miele once. I’ve had a few Miele appliances and have liked most of them with the exception of the oven, and the kitchen exhaust fan. The Miele repair man told me he used to repair all of the oven types before working for Miele. He said he shouldn’t be saying this but that, “Westinghouse are the best ovens on the market”. My experience tells me he’s correct.


    1. I absolutely concur, Chris. Westinghouse get the best reveiws for a reason. You can also fit a family size lasagna baking dish in them! Some of the European designer brands don’t fit large trays of food. This oven as you correctly observed is Westinghouse. I hope the energy efficiency is as good as its reputation.

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  2. Your house looks beautiful, Amanda! Almost there…just 20 more days..yayyy! Are you more excited or anxious? I am generally always excited when it comes to such things but then somewhere in the middle of that excitement, a crippling anxiety gets the better of me and messes up with all the planning 😦 I wish you all the best and many wonderful memories in your home by the sea:)

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    1. Thank you, dear Moon! And also thanks for sharing your apprehensive feelings with me on life. I can relate to that feeling of panic within the excitement, as I very much used to be like that – before my wedding, before my first overseas trip etc – I couldn’t even talk about it in the days or weeks leading up to it, as it made me feel anxious. With age and I think, more hormonal stability that comes with menopause, as well as a healthy dose of accumulated wisdom gained from lived experiences, I realise that everything always works out one way or another. No matter what happens we do find a way to deal with whatever comes our way be that coping well or muddling through. This realization that the’universe’ and time will sort things out has given me an incredible sense of peace with very little anxiety. So I am looking forward to the change but not hurrying it.
      I appreciate your comment very much. Have a wonder filled week, Moon! Best wishes from Down Under

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      1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am going to take note for sure. You are right…things do work out, one way or the other. At times, the not knowing part gets to me but I have started practicing calming my mind down and telling myself ..’it will be okay’. it works sometimes but I have a long way to go! I am so happy for you, really and again, I wish you so many wonderful memories in your home by the sea:) Hugs to you.

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