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A Seachange

How does one handle change?

Change might be disruptive and jolting, a shock to the system but it also heralds new possibilities and opportunities.

I will soon be moving to a new location. A new house, new area, new neighbours. It is exciting but a little daunting.

Some of you know that we have been prepping for this move for over a year and soon it will become reality. Add to that, I will be semi-retired- whatever that means?

Have you some moving tips for me? Last year when I moved to my current townhouse, I become stressed out and exhausted. I used to be an ace at moving house, when I was in my twenties and moving flats every year or so.

Thirty years on, I am older and need some tips on making it less stressful.

I would love to hear your suggestions.

7 thoughts on “A Seachange”

  1. I have moved twice in my life, well, three times: at age 7 from my grandparents’ flat to the floor above which was built when my sister was born, at age 22 from my parents’ three houses down the street, and at age 43 to Tuscany from Slovenia. So for any tips I have to ask you! 😀 The only thing I can say: take only what you really love.

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    1. You haven’t gone that far really, but then most people do stick around their local area or region for most of their life. I was keen to move a bit further afield a soon aI could.
      Keeping what you love is a great philosophy, Manja. It reminds me of Marie Kondo’s technique of keeping only the household things that give you joy when you hold them close. It helped me declutter the excess.

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  2. Haha, when my daughter moved, her technique was to have one free day midst it all. I had my doubts about that but it worked for her. So they started the move on Friday, had a rest day doing all kinds of fun things on Saturday, then moved again Sunday. I don’t think I could do that though because I would feel too stressed about the upcoming last moving day!!

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    1. We could have done that, Suvi, if the date for getting the keys wasn’t delayed. Now we only have three days to get everything out of our rental and clean it. It will be tight! But we will do it.

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