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Lakes Entrance

Can you imagine two billion litres of sea water? Well it is about 1000 Olympic sized swimming pools. That is size and volume of the lake created near our soon to be Home By the Sea.

The man-made lake which is about 14 metres deep, abutts another Quay development (still under construction), behind which is the sea, itself.

The seaside housing estate sits on 143 hectares of excavated soil that has been removed and re-distributed through the estate. On a typical day there are around 160 personnel on site and 60 earthmoving machines in operation. Mind-boggling statistics.

Meanwhile, at the Home by the sea, the tilers have been hard at work, and this coming week the painting and rendering will commence!

The painting will take about ten days, apparently. Three coats of Dulux Snowy Mountains Half. It will take a bit of paint to cover those walls.


I chose a neutral colour to go with the Coastal Scandinavian colour scheme. Most of the colour and tones will come from the furnishings and fittings.

More to come next week.

Cheers from Amanda

20 thoughts on “Lakes Entrance”

  1. Indeed it does, Chris. I plan furniture layouts in my head, plan daily walks, imagine living in a totally different area and what I will do when I do eventually retire. Sometimes though, I decide to wait until I move in before buying something so I can be sure it is right. I just bought a lamp from am online shop, on my to find it is huge! Too big for what I had planned!!!!!


    1. Thank you, Fergy! Very kind. Living by the sea has to have some health benefits doesn’t it? Clear air, sunshine, (well we have a little too much of that), and the temptation of daily walks along the foreshore. Are you located near the sea?

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      1. No, I live in London when I am there but I find myself on the Kent coast in Southeast England just now which is lovely.

        Incidentally, I am sure I answered this yesterday but Heaven knows where so sorry if this is a repeat posting. I really am a technophobe.


  2. Ordinarily I live in London, at least when I am there and not on the road somewhere, but as luck would have it I was playing at Broadstairs Folk Week a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful little town on the Kent coast and I have stayed on for a while to hang out with some mates so I am temporarily by the sea.

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  3. It certainly was and remains my favourite after many years. I have played 30 of the last 31 and only missed 2016 as I was touring and playing in Canada which I think is a reasonable excuse. This will eventually form the basis of one of my blog series if I ever get round to it, I have so much to catch up on.

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      1. Well, I make a noise with my throat that may loosely be termed singing and I bash out three chords on a guitar, play the bodhran a bit and a tiny amount of tin whistle although not to performance standard.

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      2. Ooooh. Real folk music! I would love it. For a minute, when I read the first few words, I was thinking you might be referring to kveding, (that norwegian style of singing). I am sure you have a beautiful voice. Do you have anything posted on youtube?

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  4. Try these.

    There are probably some more that others have put up but I Just know that these days there always seem to be cameras and ‘phones stuck in your face as you play, not that it bothers me. Hope you enjoy them.


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