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Another Brick in the Wall

Bricklaying the First Storey

What a change a week makes. The Bricklayers are all but finished, so we can finally get an idea of what the base of the house will look like.

Bricklaying construction

You might notice the bricks are different on the front of the house – a bit patchy compared to the rest. This is because there is rendering to be done on the front of the house. The rendering and wrapping of the corner of the house, abutting the two street frontages, meets the Estate developer’s covenant requirements – not so our wishes.

Building a house
Clean smart lines on the rendering on the neighbours houses

I suppose it adds a level of interest and a certain look to the estate?

Internal Plastering

The plasterers are finished the walls inside and the waterproofing of the shower recesses and wet areas have been completed.

Plastering in progress

Cladding the Second Storey

The scaffolding that has now been erected is necessary for the builders to install the cladding to the upper part of the house.

Scaffolding in readiness for the upstairs cladding and completion of pier work

I was very excited to see bundles of vertical lined cladding and my treasured cedar roof arrive ready for installation on the next vacant block.

Of course the cladding is going to be painted.

I have chosen a Dulux Teahouse colour, at least I think that is what it was called. It is a bit hard to remember every paint selection, but in my head I have the colour hue itself, even if the name is wrong. It is a little bit like the cladding on this Stockholm house, (slightly different facade to ours).

Next week, the staircase will be installed and perhaps some cabinetry?

Then we get to walk through our Home by the Sea.

14 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Wall”

  1. Those building covenants can be a little annoying can’t they, but it will define the estate and give it an identity. It’s coming along nicely now, and starting to look a house. The home will only come after you can get your hands on it. I’m looking forward to seeing the decorating.

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    1. You are right, it is just an unfinished house at present. I am still working on a lot of the decorating but the basic furniture etc is almost all there. I have been out buying appliances with accumulated points. I could colour co-ordinate for free basically! That was really fun. The price for once in my life, didn’t really enter into the equation much at all! Fun, fun!


      1. We purchased furniture for little place before moving in, just using the room sizes. Very little of it ended up right for the house though, and we realise we should have waited until we had actually taken possession. We now have the bedrooms right, but our main living area isn’t there yet – hence the delay in posting the before and after of those rooms. We’ll be replacing all the furniture in both the lounge and dining room when we get back. But your house will have bigger rooms than ours and you won’t be so limited with options. Our house is really, really small so we are very limited on what will fit, and provide sufficient usability, and look good. It’s been a real challenge.

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      2. It is so hard to judge how things will for fit or not fit as the case may be. Rooms can be deceptive even in larger houses. Looking forward to seeing your new makeovers when you get back home and settled in.

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  2. I kept hitting Older Posts until I got way back to where you were building the house. I love house construction and since I can’t do it myself right now, I follow other people’s homebuilding! Seems like you are totally happy with your sea change! I look forward to a similar move some day in the future even though my interim change has been pretty good also (move from chilly northern Chicago to warm and tropical Houston in the south). Your new home is beautiful!

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    1. Oh thank you for visiting those older posts. I do love living by the sea. Considering that there is so much that can go wrong in house building, we were pretty lucky with the build. Some other folks have had far worse problems like concrete laid down with footprints embedded in it! I do think cultivating a good relationship with your site supervisor helps a lot. I really enjoyed the process despite some people song it is really stressful, I loved seeing this home take shape later by layer. Are you getting someone to build for you, Lex? As you mentioned not being able to do it yourself right now.?

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    1. Gotcha! I have been so looking forward to this project of buying and creating a new home for so long and am so pleased it worked out for us. I am also so glad that we didn’t buy the other existing property we had a contract on. It would have been trouble. Major earthworks outside the door to that property have now started! We so made the right decision.
      Even though a move is in the future, you still have time to plan – therein lies half the fun. And collect ideas.

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