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Tradies on Hols

Bricking a house

Progress has been slower in the last few weeks. School holidays might mean that the tradesmen have taken a break. But they were back at work early last week getting ready to lay the bricks.

However over the next week or two, the house will look a lot different as the external coverings are completed.

Building a house

Weatherseal and windows have been installed. External and Internal doors to Laundry and Front of House. Now we could get much more of an idea of the ultimate size of the rooms.

The plasterboard and front door

I am being asked about window coverings. In building a house, you are required to think a long way ahead. Before you anticipate you need to do so.

The MOTH does not like shutters, yet everywhere we go – shutters are visible in many houses. I do agree I don’t want shutters everywhere, as it tends to look too much, but it does say Coastal, and we are at the coast.

Vertical blinds are out, and if it is curtains, they certainly have to be easily washable, otherwise they are major dust collectors, and blow about in the wind. And we do live by the water, when wind is a prevailing force.

What would you suggest? What do you prefer?

19 thoughts on “Tradies on Hols”

  1. I live on the coast and, because we’re not overlooked, I don’t have any curtains. But I do have white metal exterior security blinds which I can use to block out the light or for security when we travel (along with security alarm).

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    1. Yes I think it looks a little overwhelming when it is completely shuttered. It seems to suit the houses in Italy where the windows are smaller spaces in relating to the areas of wall. We tend to have large windows here so it spoils the effect.

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  2. We have fabric blinds which can be adjusted to close off the view completely, or can be “opened halfway and look transparent. Kind of like a beehive! We only close the ones facing the street though and not in the back since there are no neighbors there. Your new abode is coming right along and I love the front door!

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    1. I am leaning towards fabric blinds- a day night arrangements, Sabine but with shutters on the large south facing windows to keep out the summer sun! So you like the front door. I do too but assumed it was going to be much wider. It is hard to imagine dimensions when planning. I now wish I had added a side light or had chosen a wider door. Too late now though..

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      1. I always hated our front door because it has very small side lights that were hard to close for privacy at night. They were too small to add blinds. One day I discovered a decorative film (they come in different patterns and colors) that I stuck to the glass and now it finally looks really nice! Building from scratch would be a daunting, but positive adventure I think. We learned a lot from our remodel and know that those lessons will come in handy some day in another house.

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      2. Thanks for giving me another perspective on the sidelights! I did think about the privacy issue and consoled myself for not remembering to ask about them, with that excuse. The external areas beside the door are brickwork, which will be rendered, so it is not easy to change it now anyway. Yes, we do learn lessons don’t we, living in each abode with all its unique characteristics. I like the sound of the decorative film. Does it have a pattern or solid colours?

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      3. The decorative film is milky white with a bamboo pattern. It lets light through and makes the entry way look 200 % better. It came in a big roll and all I had to do was cut it to size and stick it onto the glass panes. It comes off easily and can be reused! It could also be used on any other window that would benefit from privacy. I ordered it from Amazon and it was inexpensive. Yes, we do learn from each abode!

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      4. I think he could get used to bamboo patterns? But it is also the front windows ( the narrow tall ones) of the house so I think it might be more difficult to use them there. Great idea though that I will keep in mind.


  3. I have the duettes which are the honeycombed fabric blinds. I think like Sabine was talking about. I can bring them down so I can look out over the top or up so I can block too bright sunlight. The open both directions. Then I have lace over them. We are right next to each other here and these afford me some privacy while still letting me not feel closed in. I’m sure you will find something that suits your needs. I had the duettes in my home in Arizona and loved them so much, I spent the money to put them in my trailer. 🙂 Fancy me. 😉

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    1. I have not heard of duettes, so had to look them up. Fascinating developments in blinds. I will have to look into that as an option. Thanks, Marlene. I want an airy open home and for the minute we don’t have too much of an issue with neighbours, only across the street. The balcony room is a lounge and high up so I think I will leave that open, but our bedroom might use something that is more a blockout but can filter light. Like a shutter! Even though the MOTH dislikes them. A shutter will also go on the southern window, but other than than, the few windows I cover I will go with blinds or at worst, a light easy washable curtain. I do not want a curtain that is difficult to wash – they simply collect dust. Now I am off to source a website for duettes!

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