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Bricks and Tiles

Although a few weeks have passed, progress continues on the little home by the sea.

Our Brick and Tile House.

So now it looks a bit like this:

It has been wrapped in a green weather resistant lining in preparation for the laying of the external bricks and cladding. And my much sought after cornerless butt-joined window has been installed in the MOTH’s mancave/future geriatric bedroom on the lower level.

The first Bricks arrived some time ago, after an initial hiccup with the delivery – read more about that hiccup here. But there was more pallets to come as you see here. The MOTH estimated about 11,000 bricks.

Installing all the electrical wiring, plumbing and services does take time. Which is fine if they do it right. And then there is insulation installed in roof areas and upper walls. This is what makes our new homes more expensive but more energy efficient.

New homes in Queensland must comply with a Six star energy rating. I do hope this will result in a cooler home in summer, but warmer in winter. It has to be better than the previous open plan home which has a partly insulated roof space.

My memories of that home meant we froze in the shadow of a double storey home on the northern side and melted when the summer sun hit the long southern side of the uninsulated hardiplank walls.

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11 thoughts on “Bricks and Tiles”

  1. Yeah! Good to see the progression of your little home by the sea. As I’ve said, I personally wouldn’t mind if my home were exactly this green shade. 😀 Happy brick and tile-laying till the final victoy!


  2. Good to see continuing progress with your gorgeous not so little home by the sea! Energy efficiency, how I long for this – we live in a rambling Edwardian home built in 1911. It might appear delightful but even after dry lining some of the walls and applying roof insulation we get draughts down the chimneys in winter and it costs us a fortune to keep warm. Still, we have lived here since 1994 and do love our home and become accustomed to wearing thick jumpers indoors when necessary! Hope you have had a nice weekend! Marion


    1. I am excited Sheree. It is a fun process, but also hard to think of everything in the planning stage. You know, it is like.. ah yes, I should have done that or put that somewhere else, that you notice when you see it taking shape. Ah Well, nothing is perfect. Thanks for your kind comment and sharing this journey with me.

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  3. It will cost more in the beginning to build it with so much insulation but you will appreciate it even more later when the utility bills come in. So worth it. Glad to see it coming along. I’m still behind and don’t expect to catch up till late fall. ;( I love the idea of the man cave becoming a geriatric cave later. 😉


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