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Water Views

I can’t really say that I will have water views from my Home by the Sea, but I can say that I have water glimpses from our balcony.

A few weeks ago I also had glorious views over to the Glasshouse Mountains, volcanic remnants from eons ago that have significance to the Indigenous Peoples.

When they started building the houses across the road, the view was obscured. Oh well, a short walk to the lake’s edge fixes that.

On my way
The beautiful Glasshouse Mountains in the distance

The mountains I used to see from my property are the same mountains I see in the distance when I am on my way there.

Weekly Update

The rain finally stopped so that work could continue. The plumbers were busy but the electrician who was scheduled was nowhere in site. The tiler had to finish pointing the lower tiled roof.

MOTH and I had a debate about the location of the clothes line. He is concerned he will hit his head on it, and I would prefer it near the laundry door. This location, however won’t receive much sunlight. This won’t matter in summer, but in winter…..

This was a major complaint about our old residence which had no sun in winter due to the double storey house located next door. The external Clothes line there was located directly outside the laundry door, however, things just did not dry in a day, due to a lack of direct sunlight, and you were required to leave hanging outside overnight.

Perhaps the solution might be to string an extra line up in winter on the sunny side of the house. The whole external clothes line cannot go there as the space, whilst wider to the boundary fence, is limited due to location of other fixtures, such as the air conditioning unit, gas and meter box and windows.

There is always the back yard, but as it is on the smaller size, I don’t want to be looking at flapping washing when I could be viewing a nice garden.

The MOTH is also eyeing off garden sheds. This again will be limited in size due to the back yard. And he wasn’t going to paint the fence! What????

I would have though he would relish getting out there hands on, making the fence all pretty….he clearly had other ideas about our Home By the Sea.

More next week from

23 thoughts on “Water Views”

    1. That is crazy, Sabine! So everyone has to have a dryer. And they are such big guzzlers of power! I haven’t had a clothes dryer for gosh must be over 25 years!!! You need a revolution!! Lol!

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      1. Good for you with the dryer! A few years ago we proposed to our HOA “architectural committee” that we dig up the front lawn and replace it with a grass-like ground cover that was drought resistant and didn’t need mowing and toxic fertilizer to stay green. We were denied because it was too different and didn’t “fit” with the neighborhood. 😳 Then someone on the other side of the loop put in an artificial lawn and no one seemed to mind a whole lot or make them change back to real grass from the fake kind. I’ve given up on this neighborhood! One day we’ll move on to friendlier pastures! 😉

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      2. I don’t get that. We do have to deal with that to a certain extent too. There is a covenant on the estate that means we have to abide by certain rules in regard to our fencing and landscaping. Some folks do run the gauntlet and possibly get away with it. We have to have a feature tree in our front garden, small that it is, and a lapped and capped style timber fence. I guess as the estate is still in the midst of being sold, I do understand that they want to keep up a standard of appearances so that they don’t lose out on potential profits if we all leave our garden running wild and they want to have some consistencies. Perhaps the local authorities may have even placed some requirements on them before they developed the land? I am not sure. But common sense should prevail in these circumstances and unfortuanately in little neighbourhoods, some folks get on a bit of a power trip and override common sense. I think I would be a rebel and get some artificial turf if I live there!

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      3. It’s similar in our neighborhood, Amanda! Part of the problem with the rules is that a number of original owners seemed upset and resentful as the area changed over the years as more “new” people moved in. It’s unfortunate, but we keep to ourselves and try to keep the front up to their standards. They actually have someone come through with a clipboard now to take notes and even fine homeowners. When we leave here eventually I won’t miss that at all.

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      4. Yes we are, but no specific time frame. We’ve been looking at Washington State for tax reasons. The latest tax cut was not kind to average people! Only really to the Top 1% and conglomerates! Amazon apparently did not pay any taxes last year. Average people in blue states like Oregon lost many of their tax deductions. Between Oregon State taxes, health insurance, property taxes, etc. it’s becoming too expensive. Washington State does not at this time have a state income tax, which would help us with our health insurance premiums. The American Dream is slipping away from so many of us.
        The guy with the clipboard is doing what he was hired to do! I understand that it’s important people maintain their properties, but they sure are going a bit crazy with it sometimes.

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      5. Interesting re the tax cuts as our government is going the same way. Yet the way they secure the tax cuts for the rich is to give the middle income earners a small one now. If the opposition politicians do not vote for the whole package, no one gets anything. Smart and cunning. So the rich get a big tax cut in a few years time and the middle income and lower income a teensy weensy one now. Meanwhile they cut back penalty rates for weekend work and who works weekends by and large: the lower middle income earners, so they give with one hand and take with the other. The Australian dream of a house with a yard is also slipping away too. My kids generation will become an inheritance generation. Northern Dragon has been speaking much of the bleak future for coming generations. It is pretty pessimistic so it is good to hear that you have found a way around it. It seems strange to hear that one state has different tax rules that can differ so wildly from the next. I wonder how that came to be?
        I understand the guy with the clipboard is doing his job, and clearly doing it well, but I might also question my job standards if it didn’t make common sense. Moving sounds like a good option.

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      6. Each state here has their own rules in regards to just about everything! Oregon has a hefty state income tax but no sales tax. Washington State has no state income tax but an almost 10% sales tax. California has both!! We also pay a federal income tax in addition to all the other taxes. Many young people have so much student loan debt here that they can’t afford to move out on their own since payments are pricey as is rent for even a mediocre apartment in a bad part of town. I read an article the other day that stated that not one single state has affordable rent for apartments if a single worker earning the federal minimum wage ( I think it’s about $7.50) works 40 hours a week. It’s just not enough to cover everything else. Very sad! Different states have different minimum wage rates, and the “blue”, i.e. progressive states have higher wages. But housing in those places is becoming more and more out of reach. Yet voters continue to fall for the politicians who make laws against them and don’t seem to notice how they’re getting the short end of the stick. I often wonder how it will all end!
        In the meantime we’re keeping the grass green and mowed and keep searching for the right place across the river.

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      7. Yes better keep the lawn tidy! Lol! But seriously, the issues you speak of are monumental and serious for coming generations. The tax system sounds like it needs an overhaul at least to get some simplicity and consistency. Having said that, we have some state taxes too, but income tax is only controlled federally and not on a state level, so at least it is consistent. We used to have sales tax that varies state to state but that changed to a nationwide goods and services tax, a flat rate of 10%. It made sense but also made things like luxury cars, a whole lot cheaper! There are a few things that are exempt but NOT BOOKS! More is the pity. The minimum wage in America is very low and I can absolutely see how it is very difficult or impossible to live on that. Our minimum wage is much higher but things are also more expensive here, so perhaps it is a parrallel of sorts. My daughter is having to face this prospect of making ends meet when we move house. She does not want to live by the sea, as it is too far from the city and her work/friends etc. The increasing casualization of the workforce means that you cannot survive on a retail assistant (shop assistant)’s income. Even graduates find securing permanent work difficult and whilst interest rates are at an all time low of 1% – getting a loan for a house and repaying the debt is nigh impossible when you have no spare money and work from one contract to the next. It is quite depressing for them.

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      8. While things are probably cheaper here it still doesn’t help workers in the service industry. Most hourly employees get virtually no paid vacation, few if any paid sick days, not much paid time off for maternity leave in addition to not getting employer sponsored health care. My husband and I have to buy our own health insurance and the premium costs just under $17,000 a year!! That’s with a very high deductible (I think around $7,000 annually before they cover many things) and big co-pays when we see the doctor. I feel lucky and good about having been financially responsible all these years. We’re not old enough for Medicare and fortunately we’re in good health. Many families go bankrupt here for an unexpected illness since insurance doesn’t always cover what you think they should, and hospitals and doctors don’t have to disclose their prices. It’s really a bad system. I wish someone would improve “Obamacare”, it’s not perfect, but you can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Now the Republicans are once again trying to dismantle what’s left of the Affordable Care Act. But thank god, the politicians have a Cadillac Health Plan!
        Do you have decent healthcare in Australia?


  1. Great views you’ll have, Amanda. I envy anyone who has a clothes line. We are not allowed to have them here. So it all goes in the dryer or hangs on the shower door frame. Men see things so differently than we do. They don’t get the idea of a fresh smell. 😉 Hope you find the perfect spot.

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    1. I just can’t believe that in this era of global warming you are all using clothes dryers when the sun will dry your clothes for free! Yes, and put Vitamin D into them too. Sanitize them to boot! Start a movement, Marlene. Bring back the clothes line!

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      1. We are packed in quite tightly here with very little privacy. The park doesn’t want our laundry hanging out for all to see. That’s why my laundry hangs on the shower pole. Since I have to use a dryer, I make very efficient use of it. We are quite damp in this area and often a bath towel won’t dry for days. I’m not allowed to do a lot of sensible things here. But most of us are too economically challenged to go elsewhere. We make do.

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      2. I understand about making do, and when it is damp, you need some kind of drying assistance from a machine. But the privacy reasons are a bit silly really. Like as if they are denying people actually wash their clothes. And the clothes will only be visible while they are on the line, and how long can they be left there?

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